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SOC as a Service

Advanced XDR Service

Combat ransomware and advanced cyber threats with human-led security operations from an ISO 27001 certified SOC. 

Extended Threat Detection & Response (XDR)

Malicious adversaries are more advanced than ever and have substantial resources to invest in their attacks. Your business cannot afford to make headline news as another victim of ransomware or any other targeted cyber attack. This is why you need a team of experienced security professionals to help you identify, detect, protect and deliver around the clock incident response services in real-time. 

Elastic Endpoint Security

Securely collect and centralize data to search, analyze, and visualize security information in real time.

Get ultra fast automated response capabilities that stop cyber attacks in their tracks.

What's Included

  • Fully Integrated Security Platform

  • Next Gen EDR built with SOAR.

  • Powerful Security Analytics

  • Proprietary AI and Machine Learning

  • Application-layer Threat Detection

  • Cloud Security for AWS, Azure and Google

  • Honeypots and Deception Technology

  • Phishing Simulation and Training

  • Enterprise Password Management

  • Compliance Management Solution

  • Dark Web Threat Intelligence

  • Vulnerability Management

  • Penetration Testing


The Advanced XDR Service delivers enhanced visibility and the best technology to stop ransomware and advanced cyber threats - even those that might leverage unknown security vulnerabilities.


Get around the clock protection from a team of certified security engineers in an ISO 27001 SOC - this is the gold standard for information security management and operations.  

The result is a service that delivers lightning fast response times for security events across endpoints, networks and cloud services.